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Public transport in Warsaw
Last additions
Solaris Urbino 18 IV Electric
no. 5945, route 158, Jerusalem Avenue
Jelcz M083C Libero
no. A190, route 209, John Rodowicz 'Anoda' Street
Scania CN270UB OmniCity
no. A568, route 199, General Haller Square
MAN NM223.3
nos. 1313 and 1311, route 176, General Haller Square
Type 105Na tram
no. 1344, route 24, George Washington Avenue
Praga Depot
View from Kaweczynska Street
Public Transport Days 2016
type 105N tram, no. 1000, Mokotow Depot
Public Transport Days 2016
type Nj tram, no. 838 with type 4ND trailer tram car, no. 1811, Mokotow Depot
Type 105Na cars
no. 1312 & 1311, route 25, Market Street
Type 116Na tram
no. 3017, route 25, Jerusalem Avenue
Type 116Na tram
no. 3028, route 28, East Station terminus
Type 105Na tram cars
nos. 1462 & 1461, route 23, Steel Street
Type K tram car, no. 403 with type 4ND trailer tram car, no. 1811
Jerusalem Avenue
Mercedes Conecto G
no. 9834, route 503, Cracow Suburb Street
Public Transport Days 2019
type 13N tram, no. 503
MAN A23 Lion's City G CNG (NG313)
no. 7218, route 160, Central Station.
Ursus C12LFE CitySmile
no. 1990, route 178, Jerusalem Avenue
Solaris Urbino 18 III
no. 8528, route 180, Ujazdow Avenue
Scania CN280UB Citywide 12 CNG
no. 9680, route 118, Ujazdow Avenue
Solaris Urbino 12 IV Electric
no. 1918, route 222, Ujazdow Avenue